Welcome to Live Well. We invite you to relax with a massage, refresh with facial, and recharge with yoga. To learn more about our Live Well philosophy and new look we welcome you to read along by clicking here. 


Explore the healing and restorative effects of massage. Custom-tailored to each client's needs, LIVE WELL offers signature relaxation massage to fully renewing clinically-inspired therapy.


Refresh and rejuvenate while pampering your body's most visible and largest organ. From light maintenance to deep revitalization, LIVE WELL facials take you one step closer to living your best life.


Reflect and restore your soul as you find center along your personal journey. LIVE WELL Yoga integrates a focus on realignment as you prepare your whole self to for life's work.


Here at LIVE WELL, we aim to provide each of our clients with the essential elements and environment to live their best life.

Whether you're stopping in for therapeutic stretching after your morning run, popping by for a nutrient-rich snack from the LIVE WELL Marketplace, or closing your day with a restorative LIVE WELL Yoga flow, we're here to support your journey.

At the core of the LIVE WELL philosophy is the driving goal of providing our guests with healthy, fulfilling avenues through which they can discover purpose, find inspiration, and embark on the journey of fulfilling their life's work.

With a foundation strong in the area of clinical and technical massage and esthetics, the LIVE WELL brand has grown to include supportive therapies focused beyond one's physical self.

With the addition of new therapies inclusive of energy transfer, meditation, Yoga, and more, LIVE WELL is prepared to meet our clients where they are in a way that translates to their personal growth.

Join us on a journey of wellness, fulfillment, and relaxation. Join us as we learn to LIVE WELL together. It's time to live your best life.

Live Well Rock Cairn

It's Time to LIVE WELL

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