Meet the Team

Each member of the LIVE WELL team is an expert in his or her line of wellness. With classical training through certification programs coupled with extensive ongoing education, the LIVE WELL team is uniquely qualified to help you along the way to your personal health and wellness goals. Come meet the team that's here to help you LIVE WELL.

Live Well Massage Therapy Team

Brittany Massage Therapist Live Well

Kelsey Live Well Massage Therapist

Mandie Massage Therapist

Stephen Live Well Massage Therapist

Erica of Live Well

Kersten Live Well Massage Therapist

Trevor Live Well Massage Therapist

Iliyana at Knox Live Well

Erin Massage Therapist

Loren Massage Therapist

Ricki Live Well Massage Therapist

Live Well Esthetician Team

Rebecca Live Well Esthetician

Live Well Logo over Yoga

Live Well Philosophy

To say, "It's simple" would be a discredit to the complexity of life. To say it's,  "Worth it" would be an understatement. To say, "It's a journey" is to understand LIVE WELL.

Join us as we embark on the journey to LIVE WELL together. Be a part of a community founded in providing you with the essential elements and environment to live your best life.

Become a part of the LIVE WELL life to enjoy monthly relaxing massage, revitalizing facial, and daily access to restorative yoga.

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From a solo spa day to a pre-wedding, group outing, allow Live Well to help you relax, refresh and renew with the perfect balance of wellness and revitalization. Simply click here to book now. . .