The Live Well Flu “Shot”

You’ve been here before.

Everywhere you go you are reminded that “Flu season is upon us!” And right on cue, your social media feeds are flooded with never-ending arguments on taking, or not taking the flu shot.

I understand that this is a personal choice that everyone has to make for themselves, so I only wish to explain how something as simple as introducing yoga into your life can help you fight off this years strand. In many cases, our bodies can’t fight the flu because it’s already fighting smaller bacteria that didn’t get any media coverage!

It is our lymphatic system that moves Lymph through our body. Lymph is fluid that carries white blood cells and white blood cells are what fight infections. They pick up bacteria and carry it to our lymph nodes where they are filtered out of our system. The craziest thing is that it’s not blood flow that helps push Lymph around, it’s muscular contraction. ENTER YOGA!

Most yoga classes will take you through a head to toe awakening of the muscles and the best part is, it can be done gently if need be. Inversions are especially beneficial for this process. Don’t worry, there’s no need to start standing on your head. Downward facing dog and even legs up the wall will do the trick!

So if you’ve been thinking about how you really want to try yoga, but you just can’t seem to find the time because you’re running around for everybody else. Consider your health and how maybe just an hour a couple of times a week can keep you healthier and stronger for whatever or whoever else is counting on you. I hope to see you on the mat soon!


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